Style & Sects: the third annual No Doze Festival

Coffee Black Productions presents:

the third annual no-doze festival
Hosted by Sarah Anne Simmons

The Charm’s Wound Up
by Heather J. Violanti
directed by Ensemble
Starring: Meghan Blakeman, Brooke Haney,
Chelsea Lando, Danielle Ma,
Jenny Paul & Cavanaugh Studyvin
(Style: Shakespearean/Sect: Voodoo)

Mud of the Past
by Sean Behrens
directed by Haleh Stilwell
Starring: Daniela Hart & Gabriel Sickel
(Style: Naturalism/Sect: Rastafari)

by Kelsey Arlen
directed by Meg Grujon
Starring: Dylan Combs, Heidi Hackney,
Stephon Pettway & Heather Schroeder
(Style: Farce/Sect: Wicca)

The Bridge of Judgement
by Justin Santory
directed by Yadeedya Mellman
Starring: Erika Creagh, Hannah Daisy, Mike Greco,
Artem Kreimer & Jill Wurzburg
(Style: Brechtian/Sect: Zoroastrianism)

Welcome to Jesus Juice
by Mila Golubov
directed by Rebecca Lewis-Whitson
Starring: Adam Leong, Hank Lin & Laura Michelle
(Style: Absurdism/Sect: Jehovah’s Witness)

The Tragedy of Erechtheus the King
by Maximillian Gill
directed by Alexandra Keegan
Starring: Kelsey Foltz, Katie Lynn Hardt,
Andrea Martz & Christopher Timson
(Style: Ancient Greek/Sect: Agnosticism)

6pm Saturday
July 21, 2012
Bar 82
136 2nd Avenue, New York, NY

 Seven religious sects. Seven theatrical forms. Seven one-acts. Join CBP as we end our third season with STYLE & SECTS, the culminating event in our caffeinated, manic weekend of theatre!


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