Form & Fantasy: the second annual No Doze Festival

Coffee Black Productions presents:

Form & Fantasy
the second annual
no-doze festival

Hosted by Topher Cusumano

Gumdrop Attorneys by Mike Poblete
directed by Sarah Anne Simmons
Starring: Brandaun Allen, Aaron Ballard & Katharine Bland
(Form: Farce/Fantasy: The Frog Prince)

What Sarah Made. by Ashley Kuske
directed by Brandon Ivie
Starring: Anna Lauren, Andrea Lea Martz, Kodi Milde & David Meyers
(Form: Naturalism/Fantasy: Thumbelina)

What is Your Opinion on Spontaneous Human Combustion? by Sean Behrens
directed by Marcus Yi
Starring: Trine Boode-Petersen, Beth Clausen & Gwyneth Jones
(Form: Absurdism/Fantasy: The Big Bad Wolf)

Hot Shot by Ashley Denise Robinson
directed by Heather Lanza
Starring: David Neal & Jules Odessa
(Form: Melodrama/Fantasy: Goldilocks)

Thekla With Child: A poetic Greek tragedy by Topher Cusumano
directed by Katherine Schroeder
Starring: Tanner Agron, Giana DeGeiso & J.J. von Mehren
(Form: Ancient Greek Theatre/Fantasy: Hansel & Gretel)

The Rapunzel Chalk Circle Penny Opera (In The Jungle of Cities):
A Brechtian Fairy Tale/Lehrstücke
by Heather J. Violanti
directed by Barbara Harrison
Starring: Lizzie Porcari, Jackie Rivera, Julia Sherman, Gabrielle Van Horn & Dina Vovsi
(Form: Brechtian Theatre/Fantasy: Rapunzel)

4pm June 26
Bar 82
136 2nd Avenue, New York, NY

…Six fairytales. Six styles. Six one-acts. Join CBP as we end our second season with FORM & FANTASY, the culminating event in our caffeinated, manic weekend of theatre!

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