Monologue Van Winkle: an Evening of Time

Coffee Black Productions presents:
Monologue Van Winkle

an Evening of Time

Directed by Bobbi Masters and Lori Mannette

A Ticket to Paris
by Penny Jackson, performed by Amanda Johnson

Being Reasonable
by Heather Meyer, performed by Victoria Myers

Daily Paper
by Josh McIlvain, performed by Annabelle Beaver

The Fire
by Diana Rosinus, performed by Devon Caraway

Physical Therapy
written and performed by Mike Poblete

Pressure II
by Jason Lasky, performed by Andy Kirtland

Quiet Time
by Craig Abernethy, performed by Nina C. Williams

Sound of Thunder Jr.
by Meredith Hackman, performed by Nina C. Williams

by Maximillian Gill, performed by Andy Kirtland

Why Bother?
by Steven Bergman, performed by Meaghan Sloane

4pm Sunday
January 9, 2011
Bar 82
136 Second Avenue

Continuing our successful evenings of monologues. Coffee Black Productions explores Time.


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