Style & Sin: the first annual no-doze festival

Coffee Black Productions presents:

Style & Sin

the first annual
no-doze festival

The Altruism of Greed by Mike Poblete
directed by Margaret E. Hall
Starring: Kay Capasso, Kathryn Linder and Sherry Martinez

Eating in Bed by Erin Austin
directed by Bobbi Masters
Starring: Laurie Berich and Tyler Costigan

Envy by Gabrielle Fox
directed by J.J. von Mehren
Starring: Danielle Aversa, Max Hirshberger and Ben Rosenbaum

Moby Dick on a Date by Ashley Kuske
directed by Sarah Simmons
Starring: Andrea Martz, Victoria Myers and Anthony Orneta

Oedipus: The Early Years by Jean Hart
directed by Lauren Reinhardt
Starring: Kerrie Bond and Philip Degaltini

Starlover by Butch D’Ambrosio
directed by Korrie Strodel
Starring: Lori Chandler, Cathy Englade, Nathan Gregorski, Alyssa Northrop and Michael Potsic

Twinspeak by Angela Gant
directed by Hannah Friedman
Starring: Alexander Jordan, Jessica Luck, Jennifer Paul and Ryan Mikita


4pm July 25
Bar 82
136 2nd Avenue, New York, NY


…Seven deadly sins. Seven styles. Seven one-acts. Join CBP as we end our season with STYLE & SIN, the culminating event in our caffeinated, manic weekend of theatre, at our first Manhattan venue!

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