The Connie Saxon Show

Coffee Black Productions presents:
The Connie Saxon Show


by Ethan Kanfer

Directed by
Michael Bloom

Mamoudou Athie
Matthew Barbot
Kay Capasso
Kristin Ciccone
Kate Dickinson
Amanda Salvatore
Christopher Van Jura

8pm Monday
January 18
Tea Lounge
837 Union Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Taking place literally inside a black and white TV set, this revisionist take on the Frustrated Fifties blends satire with psychological realism. Try as she might, housewife Connie can’t deny that her hold on her family is slipping away. Her son The Hedgehog is withdrawn and sad, her teenage daughter Paige is a ruthless manipulator who uses sex as a weapon, and her husband Clark needs increasingly heavy doses of booze to medicate his job stress and harrowing war flashbacks. Feverishly seeking refuge from this American Nightmare, Connie forms a closeness with another man. But when the flirtation goes too far, a fatal chain of events is set in motion— and Connie’s perfect picket fence world explodes in a mushroom cloud of emotion.


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